About The Project

World Causecoin and how it works.

World Causecoin is a decentralized digital currency built on the premise of Cause Capitalism. Cause Capitalism is defined as: where a for-profit chooses as its partner a non-profit, not as a gimmick, but as a true sustainable partner. Cause Capitalism is a friendlier, gentler form of capitalism with a human face.

By implementing Cause Capitalism globally prioritizing Africa, World Causecoin will help redistribute the world’s wealth to ensure that the gap between the haves and the have-nots is reduced. This model projects a belief that everyone should have abundance and be able to meet the basic needs.

For every World Causecoin (CAUSE) bought or traded, 3% is matched to non-profit partners. World Causecoin is partnering with hundreds of non-profit partners largely across Africa to help finance charitable projects. The key non-profit partners include Africa Children Hospital which will build several maternity and children hospitals across Africa; The Goat Foundation which is giving a pair of goats to poor widows across Africa starting with Kenya; Food for Africa which will provide free agricultural education to farmers to help improve their production and learn value addition.

CAUSE is seeking more non-profit partners across Africa with focus on NGOs feeding the poor and the aged; providing medical supplies to community hospitals; improving disposable incomes among Africans; promoting environmental conservation among others.

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World Causecoin Specifics

You can participate in the project and due to this mechanism, transaction processing is decentralized, which allows a person
to be not only a user, but also a participant.

Stable Currency

World Causecoin will use an integrated
anti-dump and anti-whale algorithm on
its native Blockchain to curb dumping
and crypto-whale tendencies. This will
ensure balanced supply and demand of
the coin thus help in its stability. Note
that this does not mean that Causecoin
is a stablecoin.

Blockchain Technology

World Causecoin leverages the
general Blockchain attributes of
transparency, decentralization and
immutability; and the specific
attributes of Binance Smart Chain
(BSC) such as low transaction costs,
high throughput and cross-chain

Will Be Asset-Backed

The World Causecoin is a utility token
built on the Binance Smart Chain. The
token will be backed by cause companies
that will operate in different industries
including banking, food, and e-commerce
among others. These companies will
provide an economy for Causecoins by
accepting partial payments in causecoins.

Transparent and Verifiable

World Causecoin is a cryptocurrency built
on the Blockchain. Transparency is a key
feature of the Blockchain thus Causecoin
boasts for being one of the
transparent coins built on the blockchain.
The transactions ledger of the coin will be
viewed on the BSC Scan.

Cross-chain Interoperability

World Causecoin rides on the interoperability
of the Binance Smart Chain. BSC relies
on a system of 21 validators with Proof of
Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus
that can support short block time and
lower fees. Causecoin is also compatible
with Trust and Metamask wallets

Safe & Secure

World Causecoin is safe and secure because
the underlying technology, BSC, uses Proof-
of-Staked-Authority (PoSA) to ensure
consensus without centralized authority.
Centralized currencies have a single point of
failure, while decentralized currencies like
Causecoin have distributed authority.


Cutting-Edge Technology

The Cause tokens have been built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Blockchain protocol. The development team used the BSC BEP-20 token standard to leverage several benefits. These BSC benefits include high transactions speed, comparatively low transaction cost, and interoperability with other key protocols. Such protocols include Binance Chain’s BEP-2, BEP-8 and Ethereum ERC-20 token standards which characterizes it with high cross-chain compatibility and high scalability. The BSC protocol is also the best Blockchain that supports DeFi staking and farming.

The Cause Vision team will develop a native Blockchain called Causechain which will provide a unique smart contract technology for the development of projects that have a cause. Cause tokens will be compatible with other wallets, other than the specific Cause wallets, such as Trust wallet and Metamask which are already widely used in the crypto industry.

CAUSE Tokenomics

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World Causecoin Metrics
Token Ticker CAUSE
Token Type BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain)
Initial Total Supply 10,000,000,000
Tokens Locked To be disclosed
% Tokens Locked To be disclosed
Minting No
Utility Peer-to-Peer financing of Cause Projects
Contract 0x3901a1296e4f409d6fb1736a44aee597141f1a03


Road Map

The implementation of the project has been pre-planned but is not rigid. Every step is well thought out
to ensure that it meets the market demands within suitable timelines.

  • 2021

    Product development, testing and launch

    (July 2021)

    Initial Coin
    Offering (ICO)

    (From July 2021)

  • 2022


    (January 2022)


    (April 2022)

  • 2022

    Cause Staking on

    (February 2022)


    (September 2022)

    Cause Exchange
    Development and Launch

    (February 2023)

Rounds of Sale of Coins

Initial Cause Offering (ICaO)

Target – to Raise USD 10,000,000

Special Bonus
Planned Listings

World Causecoin is rapidly gaining popularity among the crypto communities. In Kenya alone, major church organizations and political leaders have purchased and hold Causecoins

Distribution of Coins


Public Sale/ICaO


Private sale







The issued coins will be distributed as follows:

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